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Iryna Bekeshkina is in the top 100 of the most inflluential women in Ukraine

November 14, 2011


For the 6th year in a row the Focus journal determines the 100 most important women of the year that are influential in politics, economics and public opinion in Ukraine.
Director of the I. Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation and Senior Researcher at the Institute of Sociology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Iryna Bekeshkina holds a high position in this rating.
Bekeshkina is practically the only representative of the non-government sector that is at the top of an extensive list of members of government, business and media in Ukraine. According to the results of the latest public opinion poll, Ukrainians show greater trust in her than they do in the country’s politicians.

71st place in the rating

Age: 59
Position: Director of the I. Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation
Marital status: Single
Events of the Year: Participated in a conference dedicated to the color revolution in Beirut, Lebanon

“Trust in non-government organizations is rising with the declining trust in politicians. According to the latest survey, 44% of citizens trust non-government organizations. No politician has such a high rating,” says Bekeshkina.
She is confident that representatives of the NGO sector must immediately unite. “The winner will be the one that garners the most votes – either those of the electorate or the current ruling power,” says Bekeshkina.
The sociologist believes the fact that this year non-government organizations managed to defend external independent testing is one of the victories of a flourishing civil society. This is to a great degree thanks to the public opinion polls conducted by the Democratic Initiatives Foundation.
Earthly pleasures are also not alien to the sociologist. This year she spent time on a beach in Lebanon after giving an address dedicated to the Orange Revolution at a conference in Beirut. Bekeshkina proudly said, “I swam like a European and in Greece I went diving in stormy waters.”


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