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Iryna Bekeshkina among 100 Most Influential Women of Ukraine

December 6, 2010

For 5 years in a row FOCUS magazine compiles the rating of Top 100 Most Influential Women of the year who influence politics, economy and public opinion of the country. Traditionally Iryna Bekeshkina, Director of Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation, Senior Research Scientist of the Sociology Institute attached to the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, occupies prominent place in this rating.

This year Iryna occupied 54th place. The Foundation she manages became a member of the Association of Analytical Centers of the Open Society (PASOS) – the organization of famous sociologists of Eastern Europe.
In the country of never-ending elections sociologists gain a lot of influence, sometimes not less influence than politics. Iryna Bekeshkina is one of the sociologists whose weight in Ukraine is undisputable. In 1998 Democratic Initiatives Foundation was the first organization conducting exit-polls in Ukraine. Unfortunately, there was no possibility to carry out the exit-poll during the local elections this year – the project needed additional funding. However Mrs. Bekeshkina has assigned a grade to Ukrainian politics. She thinks that Ukrainian elections deserve “F”, the lowest grade possible. This year Iryna Bekeshkina and Ukrainian sociology in whole faced a huge loss – Ilko Kucheriv, the founder and longstanding Director of Democratic Initiatives Foundation passed away. After his death Mrs. Bekeshkina headed the Foundation and made efforts so that Kucheriv’s ideas came true. “My duty is to realize the plans that we’ve developed together with Ilko… And I will do this”, - she promises.

Age: 58
Position: Democratic Initiatives Foundation Director
Marital status: not married

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